7 Reasons Why Ingenia Federation Creates Great Senior Living Communities

senior couple enjoying skateboarding

Over 55s communities, also known as lifestyle villages, are communities older Australians can be a part of when they decide to downsize and enjoy a change of pace. Over 55s communities provide a space and opportunity to live the lifestyle you want. Whether that be expanding hobbies, making friends and being part of a community, or enjoying some comfort and privacy. 

Ingenia Federation’s three communities in Melbourne have so much on offer, so let’s have a look.

Why should you consider moving to an Ingenia Federation community in your retirement?

  1. Connection with like-minded individuals

At Ingenia Federation, there are all kinds of facilities to enjoy with other people. There are areas for functions and special events, or for casual meet ups where you can enjoy a drink with an old or new friend. We also have plenty of facilities, like our gym, workshop and community garden, where you can learn new hobbies, build on old skills or focus on your health and fitness. 

  1. Accessible locations

Sometimes retirement villages or over 55s communities are set in locations that can be quite far from family or valued services or amenities. Ingenia Federation’s over 55s communities are each only around 30 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. Our over 55s community locations are well-positioned close to services and public transport in Werribee, Glenroy and Sunshine.

  1. Secured and gated communities

Part of enjoying your later years is having comfort and feeling secure. Enjoy our over 55s communities knowing that everything is gated off, leaving you free to move around the community without any worries. For your peace of mind, we have CCTV surrounding the community.

  1. Recreation and amenities

There are all kinds of facilities that are available to you in a over 55s community. Across our three Ingenia Federation communities, the facilities we have available are:

  • Community Centre
  • Library
  • Bar
  • Swimming Pool
  • Billiards
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bowling Green
  • Workshop
  • Cinema
  • Gym
  • BBQ
  • Parkland
  • Vegetable Garden
  1. Respect for independence

Ingenia Federation communities are designed for independent living. The last thing you want to feel is coddled! Part of having an active and social lifestyle means exercising your independence. Ingenia Federation is a place where we can provide the opportunity and space for activities, but you can be involved as much or as little as you like and can always enjoy the privacy of your own home. 

  1. Low-maintenance living

Retirement is about enjoying your senior years. This is why Ingenia’s over 55s communities are all about relaxed living. We take care of the hard work, like landscaping and garden maintenance, for you while you focus on enjoying yourself. 

  1. Resident support service

There may be a time when you need help with certain tasks. Ingenia Connect is a free service available to all Ingenia Federation residents to connect you with services from cleaning to groceries to medication management. Our professional over 55s community support team can help to connect you to the right services to find what you need.

What now?

Now that you are in your senior years, take life easy. Enjoy your hobbies, make friends and relax – with care available just when you need it.
Ready to start looking for over 55s communities in Victoria? Browse our over 55s community homes for sale at Ingenia.